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Falsification protected

Falsification protected

Dear partners and customers!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that because of the growing demand for professional products under the brand “ruNail professional” a number of organizations on the market were found to be engaged in counterfeiting of branded products and its illegal sale on the territory of Russia and neighboring CIS countries. In order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products non conforming the quality standards of ruNail professional, we kindly ask you to cooperate and purchase only from official company representatives in your region. On all issues regarding the quality and authenticity of the goods, please call the company's headquarters in Voronezh: +7/432/ 260 67 66 or e-mail to:

Remember that poor quality product may be dangerous for health.

To protect our customers from counterfeit products our company conducts a number of activities to interdict unauthorized offices operation.

Please note that packaging of single-phase UV gel (transparent), volume 15g, 30g, 56g under ruNail professional brand has several degrees of protection against counterfeiting:

1) Thermal film with company logo
2) Label – check for authenticity (anti-counterfeiting according to DAT brand control system)
3) Engraved ruNail professional logo on the bottom of the jar.

The presence of all these components is the guarantee of quality and confirms the authenticity of the product. Please be attentive when purchasing.